Flickr is heavily used as online portal for pictures and videos. Sometimes we need to show these pictures based on Tag, Set, Photo-stream etc on our blog or other places. To do that we need to provide the API Key of our flickr account. This is also true in case of using WordPress plugins for Flickr Slideshow or feed.

To create an API Key for your Flickr account, go to the API Key Service available on Flickr. Here is the link for that service.

flickr_api_requestNow apply for the API key online. Since you are going to use that API for non-commercial purposes, your Key will get approved/created quickly. Commercial API Keys may take 3 – 4 weeks for approval. Click on “Apply for a Non-Commercial Key” to get your API. Now you would be asked to provide the details about the purpose or the key and some agreements. Fill up those information and click on “Submit Application” to get the API Key. Once you will submit the application, Flickr will provide you API Key and Secret Code.

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API Key is required for identification and tracking. Now you can start using your API key on different places like WordPress Plugins (like Flickr Gallery, Flickrfeed etc), Online Portals etc. Secret Key is used to show your private images hosted on Flickr. At the time of uploading the images on Flickr, you need to provide he information whether you want to publish these picture as visible to everyone or you want to make them private (visible for friends and family). To share those pictures on different portals or your own blog, you may use Secret Code. Here is the screenshot of the API Key and Secret Code.

Screenshot of API Key and Secret Code

Flickr API Key Use the API key on different places to show or retrieve your images hosted on Flickr.

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