You would never like to forget any point that you had kept in your memory to discuss with the team members in the conference call. Neither you would want to forget any item from the grocery list nor you would like to miss inviting any of your dear-most friends and family members to your birthday party. Would you? Definitely not. So though we all are pretty sure that we do not usually forget anything, but it happens that due to some pressure or limited time we miss some crucial entries in the list. Therefore, we should use either a printable to do list or a to do list manager on our computer or an online to do list system. We can also note down all the necessary things-to-do on a paper or diary before the event. So that we do not miss some important part.

Now a days there are many good online web-based to do lists available, which are very easy to use with a beautiful and user friendly interface and help keeping track of various tasks and items effectively with one click. The main advantage of not using printable or computer specific to do list organizer and using an online to do list organizer is that wherever you go, you can access your web based or online to do list easily, you just need is a system with internet connection. Now a days, internet connectivity is available on mobile devices, so as you carry your mobile everywhere, your to do list goes all along with you. Also in case of printed media, multiple to do lists means multiple papers to carry (or a file!!) So if you are travelling, it would increase the weight with you. So with growing web technologies and fast internet connections, web based to do lists are gaining more popularity.

Below I have listed more than 50 best online to do list managers which are in fact very effective web apps that help you organize your life and work efficiently with ease.

1. Cozi (totally free)

Cozi is a FREE online calendar that helps you manage the family schedule, organize your grocery shopping lists and to do lists, and capture favorite memories in a family journal—all in one place. Especially designed for busy families , Cozi is accessible from any computer or mobile phone.

2. TeuxDeux (free)

TeuxDeux is a very simple and familiar organizer which can boost your productivity by more than 200%. I said familiar because the look of this application is similar to our traditional diary which most of us have already used or still using for such task.

Read the complete guide about how to use TeuxDeux to do list manager.

3. (free) is an intuitive and easy to use online Todo list, and Task Manager.

4. tadalist (free)

tadalist‘ is a very very simple form of to do list.

You can create multiple to do lists under your own account and check the completed and incomplete tasks. In case you do not want any special feature, just a simple to do list organizer which allows you to tick the completed tasks and keep the incomplete tasks unticked, go for tadalist.  And as you can create ‘n’ number of lists, you can classify your events and the respective things-to-do easily using separate lists.

5. Springpad (totally free)

Springpad is very attractive visual to do list manager. One of the best organizer, I feel.

6. remember the milk (free, pro version is also available at $25/yr)

remember the milk‘ to do list organizer is having many facilities to manage tasks quickly and easily, get task reminders thru emails and sms, task cloud (like tag cloud), locate the task events on maps, sharing the lists and collaboration, add task thru mails etc. The basic account is free on this to do list system, so you can just sign up and use it free of cost.

7. Google Tasks (free)

Those, like me, who love Google services, should definitely try Google Tasks. It has all Google product features, like simplicity, easy integration with Gmail, available freely on mobile and integration with Google Calendars. For using Google tasks, you would need a Google account. Read how to create a Google account here.

8. Zoho Planner (free)

Zoho has always come up with good products and services, Zoho Planner is one of those. You can organize and plan your work and home things to do very efficiently using this online to do list manager with all options that a to do list manager should have like sharing, reminders and mobile access…so on.

9. Hiveminder (free)

Hiveminder is an advanced to do list manager with many options, still keeping the interface simple so that either it can be used by an individual as a simple to do list manager or used by teams to manage their tasks.

10. Fridgelist (free)

Fridgelist is a very simple to do lists manager. You can create multiple lists and add any number of to dos in one list. A very very descent interface, no complexities.

11. Dooster (free and pro versions)

Visit official site of Dooster to do list manager

12. Todoist (free)

With a simple and user friendly interface Todoist to do list organizer has built-in calendar with recurring dates, you can create sub-projects and sub-tasks with ease using keyboard shortcuts or your mouse, and has Mobile and email reminders, Gmail integration, Mobile access, Browser plugins, Labels, Widgets and so on.

13. HiTask (free and pro versions)

HiTask is a very clean, well organized online to do list manager for individuals and teams. Individual version is free, team version costs from $4/month.

14. Gubb (totally free)

Gubb online to do list manager is having very simple but intuitive user interface, with all the necessary features a to do list should have like and well very secure.

15. Wipee List (totally free)

With a beautiful and clean interface, Wipee to do list will definitely catch your attention. I also like it, it is simple, with shareable to do’s and totally free.

16. Tasck (free)

Tasck is a simplest online to do list manager, clean and to the point page.

17. Toodledo (free)

Toodledo is an advanced to do list web based organizer. It has features like Deadlines, Priority, Tags, Notes, Time Tracking, Repeating Tasks, Search, history, Sharing and Collaboration, Goals, status, Reminders (email and SMS), Google Gadget, Twitter support, import/export, hotlist,calendar, notebook, iPhone app and so on.

18. bTodo (free)

Btodo to do list organizer is simple, easy and fast, Optimized for mobile browsers, with teamwork support, you can delegate to-dos to your coworkers and teammates. It has a very beatiful and clean interface as you can see in the screenshot, it is fresh! And as it is online, you can access it from anywhere.

19. do.oh (free)

do.oh is a free and very very simple to do list manager. It is having a simple but refreshing interface and can be used on iPhone. It should be used on individual level, not for teams or collaborative works.

20. Gotta-Do (free)

Gotta-Do is a simple online to do list manager. You can check the features and how the to do list looks in the screenshot below.

21. JustATodolist (free)

JustATodolist is a very simple, free online to do list manager with clean interface.

22. Orgu (free)

Orgu is a very simple, personal online to do list manager. You can see the to do list in the screenshot below.

23. DoitDoitDone (free)

DoitDoitDone, an online to do list manager, gives you fun managing your to do’s. Check the screenshot!

24. Joe’s Goals (free)

Joe’s Goals to do list manager is just like having a big calendar in front of you and your goals. It is useful for recurring everyday tasks. I would definitely help you change your bad habits 🙂

25. Plancake (free)

Plancake is totally free, feature rich to do list manager. You can either create your account online and start using the to do list manager or you can download the to do list app and install it on your server.

26. Jotlet (free)

Jotlet puts the to do list in calendar format, very easy to manage the to do on day to day basis.

27. Hipcal (free)

Hipcal is another free online to do list manager that will help you organize your things to do in a calendar format.

28. toTdo (free)

toTdo is a simple to do list manager that also helps you to prioritize and manage your things to do more efficiently.

29. (free, no registration required)

Daily Todo is a very simple manager that helps you manage daily things to do. So whether it is sticking to an exercise routine, taking your dog for a walk, or learning a new English word, you can track each of these daily tasks with this online tool. Read a detailed review about DailyTodo here.

30. Nozbe (free and pro versions)

A lot of features are available in Nozbe to do list manager.

31. Thymer (free and pro versions available)

Visit Thymer to do list organizer official site.

32. gQueues (free and pro version $25/yr)

Visit gQueues to do list organizer official site.

33. Nirvana (free and pro version)

Nirvana is also a very good Web 2.0 to do list manager. It has very alluring interface and the features and feel of the app really rocks. Currently you should sign up for the invite code as it is in beta version.

34. Treedolist (free)

Visit official site of treedolist to do list manager

35. Taskbin (free)

Taskbin is individual plus group to do list manager.

36. Done-zo (free)

Done-zo is a simple online to do list organizer, you can sign in using your Google account. (iPhone app costs $3.99)

37. tedium ($19.95/yr)

Visit tedium to do list manager

38. TimeTracker (free)

TimeTracker is very simple but efficient to do list manager with a clock which keeps track of the time you spend on the tasks. Its user interface is very very simple and I like it very much because it has very handy user preferences like show or hide completed task, allow only one task to run at a time or multiple tasks at a time should be allowed. Also for each task there is a start timer and stop timer option. Simple ans sweet!!

39. bla-bla list (free)

Bla-bla list is a secure, simple, sharable to do list organizer.

40. tasktoy (free)

Tasktoy is simple, clean to do list manager with place and time dependent tasks, option to add repeating to do’s, you can print the to do’s, there is a color coding for different type of tasks and you can also manage some simple project. It is very easy to move a to do from one project (or folder like home task or office task) to another.

41. Tweeto (free)

Tweeto is a online task manager/to do list that allows you to quickly and easily plan your tasks so that you never forget the important things in both your personal and work life.

42. Gtagenda (free)

Gtagenda is an advanced task manager which handles Goals, Projects, Tasks, Checklists, Schedules and Calendar to manage your time and activities in the most efficient way. You can also get it on your mobile phone.

43. voo2do (basic version free, premium version available)

voo2do is an advanced task and priority management for busy, ambitious individuals. You can work on different projects simultaneously, collaborate with others, publish the task list, prioritize the tasks, jot down your ideas, set the deadlines, track the estimated and actual time and so on. Also, it is having an easy user interface.

44. (totally free)

Visit official page of to do list manager.

45. Rough Underbelly (free)

Rough Underbelly has followed a different approach towards a to do list organizer. It follows the principle that every kind of to do falls in a category which can be assigned certain number of points for each task completed under that category. Thus you list down a to do and once you complete you get certain points, at the end of the week you can tally your productivity by refferring the points graph. It is a really innovative system, hopefully if you work regularly, it can give you a good motivation.

You can read the principle behind this to do list organizer on the printable CEO.

46. TaskTHIS! (free)

Thru TaskTHIS you can create tasks with notes and publish them via RSS, or share them so that others can add/complete tasks on your list.Also, the source code to TaskTHIS is available for download — so you can see exactly how it’s done and make use specific customizations.But I must say, the looks are not so attractive as the newer to do lists organizers.

When I created the account to put my to do list, I saw a Google ad slot appearing on the right side. But that should not be an issue, as the developer needs something to make money out of this free app.

47. Startino (free)

Startino is a free online to do list manager, with a very simple and clean interface. No complex options, supports categories.

48. GoodTodo($3/mo)

It is an advanced to do list manager. Visit GoodTodo to do list manager’s official site.

49. Nutshell (free)

Nutshell will help you to manage your things to do thru a to do list. Also you can take notes and search the web like Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and whatever sites you want on the same page.

When I tried to load the page for demo, it seemed to be overloaded and the site was taking time to load. hope it will work for you, you can give a try and shoot me a comment if it works for you.

50. iPrioritize (free)

iPrioritize is a simple online to do list manager that anyone can use, anywhere for personal or business use.

51. Swift to-do list (plans start from $9.95/mo)

It is advanced online to do list manager with a downloadable version for Windows desktop as well. Visit official site of Swift to do list manager.

52. Deadline (free)

Deadline is a kind of to do list manager that will set up a reminder for the to do deadline that you have set. It is easy to use app with mobile access, search and sharing options.

53. WorkHack (free)

Visit WorkHack online to do list manager’s Official site

54. Backpack (starts from $24/mo)

Backpack is a business or event organizing tools which allows you to create the backpack pages specific for each event or project. You can add any combination of notes, to-dos, files, photos, and dividers to a page.

55. Checkvist (basic version free, pro version available)

With Checkvist, you can

1. Create hierarchical task lists, share them with your team, print out or publish online.
2. Capture ideas fast during brainstorming sessions using intuitive keyboard shortcuts.
3. Work concurrently, notify your peers about changes, import and export to other formats.

You can assign different colors to various to do’s so that you can differentiate between them after printed. Good and effective to do list manager for team work with a clean and professional look.

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