printfriendly-logo If you want to get a print copy of only text part of a webpage or without any particular image then you can try Printfriendly web application. Sometimes we need a print copy of a page but because of different ads or huge images running on that page, we ignore getting a print copy idea. By using Printfriendly, you can select any part of a webpage to get print copy of the same.

Printfriendly in an online application to get printed copy of any webpage. You just need to enter the URL of the page for which you want the printed copy. Popular blogs uses a print friendly CSS to get a minimal effect copy of the page for printing. But you will not find this CSS on most of the sites but sometimes you need a copy from there as well. In that case you can use Printfriendly. You can also save the selected page as PDF on Printfriendly.

Print Friendly Page generated on Printfriendly


Website or Blog Publishers can use the Printfriendly button on their site to add Print option over there. There are many people who refer web content offline thru printed copy and use that information in their presentation or even in decision making discussions. It is recommended to use a Print button on site or blog for more exposure. 

Video – Showing How to use Printfriendly

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