We have already covered the launch of Su.pr URL shortening service from StumbleUpon and now we will explain you the features of this service in detail. StumbleUpon tried to do something new with this application and they also took some features from Bit.ly which is the leading URL shortening service right now. Features in Su.pr will attract visitors and will become reason for using it as a URL shortening service.

Important Features in Su.pr



1. Short URL For Long One

Base feature of shortening a long URL. Paste the long URL in text box and click on “Just Short”.

2. Post It To Twitter

Directly post the link and text on twitter thru your twitter account. Write the text related to the link and paste the long URL. Click on “Post” button to directly send the link on twitter. You will have to provide the twitter ID and password for authorization for once.supr_twitter

3. Stumble The Link

As Su.pr is a product from StumbleUpon that’s why you will get all kind of integration with that. you can directly stumble the link to get traffic from StumbleUpon.

4. Thumbs Up / Like The Link

Thumbs up and Like the link feature is also there. You can directly click on the image link besides the shorted URL to do the “Thumbs Up”.

5. Schedule A Twit

This is one of the most interesting feature of Su.pr as you can schedule the twitter post so that you can twit at regular intervals. Click on the “Schedule”

6. Share Link On Facebook

Facebook integration is also available in Su.pr where you can share link to your Facebook. You will have to provide facebook ID and password for authorization.

7. Track Retweets and Clicks

Check the number of retweets for the twitted links from Su.pr. See how your followers are Sharing the links submitted by you.

8. Promote Your Website

Provide your website’s or blog’s domain names in setting window of Su.pr, they will promote your website or blog in the URLs shortened by Su.pr. In every shortened URL, the best content from your blog will be shown to the visitors.

9. Track Twitter Followers

Once you will integrate your twitter account with Su.pr, it will show you the number of followers on twitter on Su.pr window. You can track them and check the latest number of followers over there.

10. Suggested Posting Time

Stumbleupon really works wonders for traffic attraction on a blog or website. If you will post a link on StumbleUpon at a particular time, it will throw maximum traffic to your website. Su.pr will suggest you the perfect time for posting a link so that you will get maximum traffic.

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