To test a website or take a look at the screen size of different devices like iPhone, iPad, Tablets, Android Phones etc. you need to resize the browser to those sizes. Different mobile devices are having different pixels for their screen. For example, Apple iPad is having 768 x 1024 or 1024 x 768px screen size in different mode, at the same time iPhone is having 480 x 320 px, Google Nexus One is 480 x 800 screen pixel size. Now if you want to see your website or any other website layout on these screen sizes, then here is a website to resize any browser to some preset value at single click.

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resizeMyBrowser is a web service to resize the window size of browser to specified value. Once you will open the website, you can see 15 preset values for devices like iPhone 3G/3GS, iPad, Google Nexus One, iPhone 4G, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Normal Netbooks and Laptops etc. Just click on those links to get the resized browser for those pixel sizes.


You can also set a new value as per your requirement. Earlier we shared a trick to get the Android screen on your computer, but this method is very simple one to get the browser of that size. This way you can see how the layout of your website looks on screen size of a particular device. This resize option will also help you understand or test the screen layout / size of any device before the purchase.

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