teuxdeux If you have lot many work to do in a day and you miss some important task to do because you didn’t write that in a list then it is really frustrating. That’s why it is very important that you should organize your work in a to-do list manner. This is my personal experience that if you will start making a list of to-do work at start of the day, chances are more than 90% that you will complete all your planned tasks by end of the same day. I was looking for a simple and easy to use To-Do application and then found TeuxDeux.

TeuxDeux is a very simple and familiar organizer which can boost your productivity by more than 200%. I said familiar because the look of this application is similar to our traditional diary which most of us have already used or still using for such task. Follow the below steps to access your TeuxDeux app.


How to use TeuxDeux

  • Register yourself with a valid Email ID and create a User ID and Password
  • Now you are logged-In into TeuxDeux
  • TeuxDeux will show you today’s date and the near by dates, type the task which needs to be completed on particular date
  • You may cross that task by clicking that itself after completion or you may remove that task by clicking the “cross” icon beside each task
  • If you are not sure about the date, then you may enter that task under “Someday” at bottom of the window

Video Demo of TeuxDeux To-Do List App

Share your experience of using TeuxDeux or if you are using any other To-Do app and found really useful.

Important: TeuxDeux team is still working on the TeuxDeux App for iPhone. They may release the same at any point of time.

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