Having a To Do list increases your productivity as you can set your goals for the day and complete assigned tasks within estimated time. Now web is having so many enhancements and browser is the most powerful application, so if you spend so much time on Internet, then try this simplest To Do list manager which is very easy to use as well.

To organize your daily life, you should maintain a to-do list. It is proved that you complete more tasks in day if you are having a to do list with you. There are so many to-do list manager available online or offline, even Google is also having to-do list feature on iGoogle and Google Calendar. But here we are talking about a simplest To-Do list manager which doesn’t require any authentication and just save your To-Do list and check points.

Daily Todo is a web application where you just need to create your To-Do list and the application will create a dedicated URL (short URL) for your list. You can either make that URL as your browser’s home page or bookmark that page on the browser. Now you can open that link anywhere and manage your to do list without any issue. You can edit the list at any point of time. Once you complete a task out of your To-Do list, just check the box near to that task for today. That’s It.

Go ahead and create your To-Do list on dailytodo.org.

dailytodo list

Note: Above To-Do list is available on this page.

You can even create more shorter URL by using bit.ly or any of your choice URL shortening service. The best part of this service is that, you don’t need to remember any password for authentication or install any bulky software for this purpose. Just open the browser and manage your daily To-Do list in a simple way.

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