Online backup and folder synchronization is a very common requirement for web addicts and gadget savvy people. If you want to access some folders on your friend’s computer or want to open some PDF on your mobile phone (BlackBerry, Android or iPhone), you can do that if those devices are connected to Internet. There are many web application for sync purpose, but I prefer Dropbox as it is very reliable web application and service to perform this task for up to 2GB of data for free. I think 2GB is more than sufficient for lighter use but if your requirement is more than that then you may go for premium upgrade to get more space.

For online backup, I prefer to use Amazon S3 clouding service, but for sync access and easier interface, I use Dropbox for sync purpose thru phones.

Dropbox - Online Backup, Sync, Share files and folders

In the below step process, you will have to download and install Dropbox application on your computer to have folders which needs to synched with other devices and your Dropbox account. Once you will have that, you can install the application on other computer and access your Dropbox folder from there as well. Smartphone users can install the Dropbox app and get those shared folders on Smartphone screen and upload/download the shared data. This way you have access to your folder on your PC or Mac everywhere.

Note: Dropbox app is available for BlackBerry, Apple iPhone and Android.

Steps to create, Sync, Share and Backup Folder Online

[ad id=’7′ style=’float:left;margin:10px 10px 10px 0′]1. Go to and register yourself.

2. Download and Install Dropbox for your computer from You can find Dropbox for Windows, Mac and Linux.

3. It will create 2 default folders in My Document/My Dropbox folder on your computer. Default folders are Photos and Public. You can add and delete folders under the “My Dropbox” folder. Now whatever you will add or modify in that folder, will be synched to 2GB online storage provided by Dropbox.

dropbox folder sync

4. Now install Dropbox app on your Smartphone. I installed that on my BlackBerry phone. Now I just need to sign-in with the registered email ID on Dropbox. Once logged in, I can see the “My Dropbox” folders on my BlackBerry smartphone. I can edit, create, upload pictures, documents, music files etc. on Dropbox folders.

Dropbox on BlackBerry showing Shared Folders

Dropbox on BlackBerry

That’s it. You can enjoy your pictures, documents, files etc anywhere using Dropbox. Which is your favorite online backup and sync web application? Share your experience of using online backup clouding web apps.

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