Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most used document format in office or professional communication. Sometime we need to copy some part of pdf to paste that somewhere on other document like doc or to print that PDF on local printer but we find that the pdf document is locked. PDF document owner has locked the document so that no one can copy or paste on the document or even can’t print. This copy protect option is there in PDF for security reasons, but you can use free online PDF unlockers to unlock the pdf document in no time.

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unlock-pdfOnce you will unlock the PDF, you can copy, paste the pdf document and print that as well. PDF Crack is a free utility to unlock a pdf in no time. You just need to upload the original locked pdf document on the server of this site and then a new tab will open with the unlocked PDF document for the same locked document. Now you can copy from and paste to the new document and print that as well.

There is another free to use online tool to unlock pdf document is “Unlock PDF”. This also allows users to unlock a pdf document to avoid restriction from copy, paste and print.

Enjoy the unlocked pdf files on your computer in no time.

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