Wibiya Toolbar is a fully loaded toolbar appearing at the bottom of the webpage with lot many option. We earlier talked about “How to install and use Wibiya”, which is available as a Plugin for WordPress users. Wibiya team was performing lot many tests on different sites like @thenextweb and @chris.pirillo and finally they have released some of the new features for everyone. Here is the list of new features and option added into Wibiya Toolbar.

The main advantage of using Wibiya Toolbar is that you don’t need other applications, widget etc in sidebar of bottom of the site to provide different options to your visitors. Now adding into that line, Wibiya has now released new features as listed below to provide more options in toolbar only.

New Features in Wibiya Toolbar

  • Website Chat – Create a chat room with full integration of Twitter and Facebook and let users join from any webpage. Video Chat is also available in this option.
  • Webpage Chat – Create separate chat rooms for different pages of your site. Beneficial for service providers.
  • Real Time Users – Show off the current number of live visitor on your site.
  • Navigation Link – Previously only Recent Post and Random Posts options were available for navigation but now you can add as many custom navigation as you want.
  • Twitter Profile – Initially they were added only Twitter Dashboard option but now you can add Twitter Complete Profile with real time updates.
  • YouTube Channel – This is awesome. Now show off your own videos available on your YouTube Channel thru Wibiya Toolbar.
  • Scroll to Top – No need to provide a separate link for “Back to Top” navigation. Now it is available for Wibiya as well.
  • iTranslation – Let your visitors translate the page without reloading it.

Wibiya team is really working hard on some new features as well. For example, customize the width of Toolbar etc. If you have any issues/concern related to Wibiya Toolbar, you may raise your question on support forum as well. 

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