You can enhance the reach of your WordPress blog by creating Android app and upload that on Android Market. People who are using Android phones can download the .apk file and install the same on their phone. It is no doubt that browsing a website or blog thru app is much easier and accessible than opening the same in browser. If you want to create an Android app for your WordPress blog, then here is the free solution to do the same without writing any piece of code. You just need to provide the RSS feed of your WordPress blog to create an app for the same.

android-wordpress-blog-appYou can hire Android developer to develop an app for your blog or you may start writing the code yourself, but that will definitely take your valuable time. So try which can let your create an Android app for your blog for free, by just providing the RSS feed of your blog. You need to register on to create and download the Android app .zpk file for your blog. Once you will register on this service, it create a WordPress MU blog for your with a sub-domain on Now you can access the WordPress dashboard of new WordPress MU created for your account. On dashboard, you can see “Feed Settings” option. Click on that to add the RSS feed of your blog. For example, you can add “” in the feed box and click on add button. You will see the fetched blog on that feed. Click on “add blog” to add that feed over there.

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Once you added the RSS feed of your WordPress blog, now its time to customize the appearance of the app. You can upload images for welcome screen, app header, app icon etc. from the “Appearance” section available under the “Android” panel on left side on dashboard. Customize the look and feel of the app as per your blog for branding purpose as well.


Now you need to click on “Android” link available in the left panel on Dashboard. A new window will open where you can see an option as “Generate APK” which is nothing but generating the .apk file for your WordPress blog’s android app. You will see your APK file ready to download from the same page in next 1 or 2 minutes. Download the .apk file and upload the same on Google Android Market or share that on your blog to let Android users install the same.

As you have added RSS feed in the app, the Android app will be updated automatically with the latest posts once you will publish them on the blog. Isn’t this app generation tool make life much easier for bloggers who want to let Android users browse their site thru app.

Post your views and feedback of generating android app for your WordPress blog.

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