Cheers to Cute Profiles, a free and simple WordPress Plugin released by Internet Techies to show Social networking profiles in a decent manner. We got a lot of suggestions to include some more common social networking profiles to the plugin profiles list. And now here is the packed upgrade, with 25 new social network profiles added to the original list.

New Social Profiles added in Cute Profiles 1.0.1

1. Xing   
3. Vimeo   
4. Yelp   
5. Podcast   
6. Slideshare   
7. Plurk   
8. Mobileme   
9. Viddler   
10. Dopplr   
11. Qype   
12. Virb   
13. Evernote   
14. Ilike   
15. Aim   
16. Mister-wong   
21. Infopirate   
23. Dailybooth   

Notes from the developer within

1. After upgrading to this new version, please clear the cache from your plugins like WP-SuperCache or others.

2. Please note there some changes made to navigation on the settings page, to make the page compact and easy to navigate.

3. Some icons are totally designed by us, as they were not available in any of the icon packs (hope you like them!)

4. The plugin package would feel heavy to some of us, due to size of the folder. But believe me, the size is of various sprite options, i.e 16 x 16, 24 x 24 and 32 x 32. When you would select one, only one of the six sprite and the corresponding CSS is going to load on the webpage, all others will only remain in the plugin folder.

5. If you like the plugin and wish to contribute to it and other open source resources being developed and shared on Internet Techies, please consider making a kind donation thru PayPal or any other credit card towards our efforts.

Make A Donation

If you liked this plugin, please consider making a kind donation towards our efforts to adding new features to this plugin and developing other new useful resources.

This new upgrade is after a successful release of Smooth Slider, our another free search engine optimized WordPress Plugin to show featured post slideshow on a wordpress blog. The suggestions and queries on the Internet Techies WordPress Plugins forum are very affirmative, and we are able to continuously put our efforts towards enhancing these resources due to all those suggestions from Internet Techies readers and our blogger friends. Long live WordPress!

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