Delicious team may change the Yahoo ownership and get a new home, that’s why we suggested to take backup of current delicious bookmarks on local computer or web browser. Apart from keeping those bookmarks and tags on browser or local computer, you can create new posts on your existing WordPress blog with Delicious Bookmarks. Delicious tags will work as categories in your blog.

deliciousTo convert Delicious bookmarks into WordPress Posts, you need XML file of your current delicious account. Then you will have to import that XML file to your existing WordPress blog. There is WordPress Plugin named “Delicious XML Importer”, which will help you import the bookmarks to this blogging platform.

You can get the Delicious Bookmarks XML file from this link by authorizing with you current Delicious credentials.

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Tools ==> Import option on WordPress Dashboard


Now once you installed the plugin on your WordPress blog, Go to Tools – Import option, there you can see “Delicious” as an import option. Click on that and then hit “Choose File” in the next window. You just need to locate the Delicious XML file. And then you need to assign whether you want tags as categories in the blog and bookmarks as post on your WordPress blog.

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That’s it. Now WordPress will import your Delicious stuff on the blogging platform and in couple of minutes, you will have many new posts and categories.

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