Images are really important part of a blog and most of bloggers dedicate great amount of time for editing and creating an image for their posts or blog’s other areas. Now WordPress 2.9 is going to have image edit feature as well to enhance the images. Most of us uploads the images thru posts or by doing FTP using any FTP client. If you are not aware of FTP and want to upload an image on your WordPress server without posting that in any posts, then here is a simple way to do that.

wordpress_media WordPress is already having an option to upload images on server without using any FTP client. Go to the Media tab on left panel of Dashboard and click on “Add New” to upload an image directly on server. That image will be uploaded into the “Uploads Folder” assigned under the following location,

Settings ===> Miscellaneous ===> Store Uploads In This Folder

Screenshot: Media ==> Add New


Screenshot: Settings ==> Miscellaneous


You can also use this option to upload files in .zip format or single text files etc. Those files or images can be organized on date and month format which will help you in tracking those files. This is a very simple way to upload images and files on self hosted WordPress Blog.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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