A couple of days before we have released Cute Profiles– A free WordPress plugin to Show Vertically Floating Social Profiles and provided the details related to installation, usage etc on Internet Techies Cute Profiles Plugin page. Yesterday it got the approval and space on WordPress.org Plugin Directory where on the first day of its release it got more than 225 downloads. This was just after the very successful release of our first WordPress plugin Smooth Slider – a fully customizable featured posts slideshow creator.


You can now download Cute Profiles directly from WordPress Plugin directory, the link is given below:

==> Cute Profiles on WordPress Plugin Directory

Now show off your social profiles in a more elegant but equally simple and decent way at one location i.e. either left or right side of your blog pages, saving your sidebar or footer space for ads or other important data and widgets. And the most important thing is, the plugin causes almost zero load to your header and overall page as there is no jQuery, nor any heavy images nor any other heavy script libraries to be loaded. Also, it is W3C validated wordpress plugin, with almost all optimization already done. You just need to activate the plugin and put your profile links, and see the changes on your WordPress blog.

The stats on WordPress Plugin Repository are, in fact, very positive and motivating, showing the plugin popularity amongst the WordPress community. Prior we had such type of profiles displayed on our blog itself, and thought that it would be great if we could provide many other WordPress bloggers like us the same kind of resource using which they could easily include their profiles at the place which is almost empty and non-intervening. This was the reason which inspired us to write this plugin and now we are very happy that bloggers like us are being benefited with our small contribution.

We are grateful to WordPress community and wordpress.org which gave us opportunity to contribute and spread our work. Long live WordPress! 

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