We had told you earlier about WordPress 2.9 beta 1 (rare) so that you can start testing the upcoming WordPress version i.e. WordPress 2.9. Now after some testing completion, WordPress has released the next beta version of 2.9 i.e. WordPress 2.9 beta 2.

Wordpress 2.9 beta 2

WordPress keeps the track of changes/fixes/pipelined tasks etc on WordPress Trac and that is the place where you can see the changes and fixes done from 2.9 beta 1 to 2.9 beta 2. Checkout the below link to see those changes.

                 Change log for WordPress 2.9 beta 1 to 2.9 beta 2

You can directly download the WordPress 2.9 beta 2 or you can use WordPress beta tester plugin and auto upgrade the version to the latest beta stage.

Download WordPress 2.9 beta 2 

Important Note: Don’t use beta versions of WordPress on your live blogs. Beta versions are not stable and may cause some issues. You can use beta versions on test sites for checking out the features and options in latest versions of wordpress.

WordPress 2.9 (stable version) is expected to release sometime in this month only.

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