Sometimes we find interesting videos or album or note on Facebook wall, and want to share that on our own blog as well. In that case, we need to embed the Facebook object as Videos, Albums etc. by writing embed code. Facebook officially does not provide information or link to generate embed code for its objects but there is a workaround for embedding videos or albums. Here we are talking about how to embed facebook videos and other stuff in WordPress blogs without writing any code or using any trick.

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WordPress users are having the power of plugins and here we are talking about the plugin named “Embed Facebook” thru which you can embed facebook videos, photos, notes, albums, page etc. by just providing the URL of the object i.e. video, album etc. You can find the URL of the video by clicking on the title of the video on the Facebook wall. Here is the example of URL shown for one video on my Facebook wall,


Download the plugin from WordPress plugin directory and start embedding facebook videos, albums, notes and much more without writing any piece of code.

Facebook Video embedded on our blog – Staenz


Firefox users can use the add-on to generate the embed code for Facebook videos and then just paste the code in HTML part of your website to embed the same.

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