WordPress has released the bets version of WordPress 2.9 which can be downloaded and tested. There is a new feature added in WordPress 2.9 based on oembed format of embedding media. What is oembed and what’s new has been added about embedding a media on wordpress blog? To know that, we will take an example of embedding video (Add Video) option on current wordpress version and then compare that with WordPress 2.9.

In current wordpress version like WordPress 2.8.6, you can add video thru edit panel of the post. To do that, click on “Add Video” link above the text editing options under Upload/Insert. When you click on “Add Video”, a new window opens where you can go to the second tab named “From URL” and then provide the URL of the YouTube video and write some title related to that in title box. Click on “Insert into Post”. Now this process will insert a link to the YouTube video rather than embedding the video.

Add Video Options in WordPress 2.8.6 or less


After entering the URL and title, once you will click on “Insert into Post”, the link to this video will be added into the post which will look as below:


Now go to the same place in WordPress 2.9 and provide the URL of the YouTube video on edit panel “Add Video” option. There is no title box in WordPress 2.9 on “From URL” tab. Now click on “Insert into Post”. You can see the difference. In your post edit box, there is a YouTube video embedded with the default width and height. You can customize the width and height of the video from “Settings ==> Media ===> Embeds” option on the dashboard.

Add Video Options in WordPress 2.9 beta


In WordPress 2.9, proper video of default size will be embedded into the post which will look as below:


This is what oembed format of embedding a media thru URL does. I think this new feature would help bloggers to insert videos without even pasting and customizing the object part of each embedded video.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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