If your are a WordPress user and want to include the template archives.php in your blog then this article is for you only. Many of us wants to make a link for archives where the visitor will click and can see the archives in the format provided in archives.php file under wp-content/themes.

” WordPress bloggers are always lucky because they have the power of WordPress “

In WordPress 1.5+, follow the following steps to link the archives.php template:

  • Login to your blogs admin and go into Write/Page section
  • Write the Page Title as Archives (or any other title which you want) and leave the content part as blank
  • Go to the Page Template section of that page, you can see the Screenshot of the same as below and select the template named Archive from the list.


  • Publish the page and your archive page is ready on your Home Page.
  • Once you create a page, that will automatically generate a link. Link that generated URL in the html with some Title and enjoy the archives on your page. For example say generated URL for archives page is https://www.clickonf5.org/archives/ then link this URL with some text on your home page as well.

In WordPress 1.5, follow the following steps:

  • Give your new archives Page a suitable title like Archive Index. Leave the Page content blank.
  • Under Custom Fields, select _wp_page_template from the dropdown. Leave the Key field blank, and enter archives.php into the Value field.
  • Click Add Custom Field.
  • You can use the URL generated for the page as the link for linking the text on your home page

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