Sometimes you would want to hide some particular post from appearing in your site’s RSS feed. This may be when you just want to build internal links or keyword density on your site for some keyword and do not want the site’s regular readers to get these interlinking posts in the Newsletter or the subscribed feed of your site. So that you can provide only good posts to the regular readers and at the same time continue putting some effort on the SEO for your site.

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WordPress Plugin to Hide Published Post From Appearing in RSS feed

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WP Hide Post is a WordPress plugin that will help you hide a required post from the RSS feed. Once installed and enabled, you would see some ‘Post Visibility’ options on each Edit Post or Add New Post WordPress screen (below the Post Tags box on right) . You can have a look at the below screenshot:-

For a new post, just before publishing the post you need to tick this box in case you do not want to make this post appear in RSS feed. For the published post, go the edit post panel, and tick this box. Note that if you do not want the post to go in the email Newsletter, tick this box before the scheduled timing of the newsletter.

There are many other ‘Post Visibility’ i.e. hide options, as you can see, provided by WP Hide Post plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can use it for many purposes.

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