Recently our reader Abhi asked a question as a comment on how to put Google Adsense ads between posts contents and related posts list. I thought to share that tips on our Q/A posts. Below is the detailed scenario,


In my blog, I am unable to place ad between the post content and the related article list. I am using the plugin for related article. I am using WordPress Related Posts plugin. What to do?

– Abhi

Scenario: Abhi is having WordPress Related Posts Plugin installed on his wordpress and that’s why he is getting related posts list at the end of the each post content. Now he wants to insert an ad in between the post content and the related post list so that he can monetize that part pretty well. Since WordPress Related Post plugin is inserting the related posts automatically at the end of the post content and that’s why he is not able to insert ads. Now here is the solutions,

Solution: WordPress Related Posts Plugin is having an option to disable the automatic insertion of related posts list at the end of the post content. To do that, Go to the plugin setting page, and uncheck the box named as “Auto Insert Related Posts”. Since you have disabled the auto insertion, Related posts should not be appearing on the posts.


To insert the Related Posts manually, you will have to paste the below mentioned piece of code at the location mentioned below:

Go to Appearance / Editor on your dashboard, and open Single.php on edit window. Find the piece of code as :

<?php the_content; ?>

Now you can insert the below mentioned code after the content code (as above);

<?php wp_related_posts(); ?>

Now you have placed the code for related posts which is nothing but the related posts appearing because of WordPress related Posts plugin.

Since your Single.php is having both the codes now, you can insert the Google Adsense codes in between the both codes i.e. Content Code and Related Posts code. I always prefer to manually insert the codes, as you get so much of freedom to do the things your way.

Thanks Abhi for this query on Internet Techies, I will encourage all of our visitors to ask WordPress or other blogging related problems or any Software issue on Internet Techies Comments section. We will to answer you on ASAP and If we found that useful for other and that question will be featured on Q/A series on our blog.

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