WordPress theme is created with PHP/My SQL and CSS. Most of the bloggers want their template to be as unique as their blog. If you are a regular Dreamweaver user and want to customize the WordPress template according to your blog then here are the options:

ThemeDreamer for WordPress

ThemeDreamer provide the WordPress theme development platform on Dreamweaver. It uses WYSIWYG feedback within Dreamweaver in real time. It is an extension suit for Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or 8.0 versions. The included features of the ThemeDreamer are as below:


clip_image001 Change the visual design of the WordPress template

clip_image001[1] Customize the existing theme, customisation is always faster than starting from scratch

clip_image001[2] Offline development can be done which is ideal for fast, portable and quick edits

How to use the ThemeDreamer?

Step 1 ==> Download the .mxp file of the Themedreamer (Link not working)

Step 2 ==> Install the Themedreamer.mxp extension . Once the installation completes, the extension will be visible in the extension manager. For viewing the extension manager, click on the Command menu on the menu bar and then click on “Manage Extensions”.

Themedreamer 1

Step 3 ==> If the ThemeDreamer extension is not enabled, then activate the extension  by checking the On/Off check box in extension manager

Step 4 ==> Now enable the ThemeDreamer for WordPress template changes by Clicking on the “Enable Themedreamer for WordPress” in the Command menu.

Step 5 ==> Now use the extra provided Themedreamer bar for changing the WordPress template. Screenshot of the location of the bar is provided below:

Themedreamer 2

Step 6 ==> For viewing the PHP/MY SQL design in a HTML like design, open the index.PHP file from the template and then click the Toggle ON/OFF Themedreamer Rendering button shown in the above Screenshot.

Step 7 ==> Enjoy the Themedreamer and happy Themedreaming.







Direct edits without ThemeDreamer

If you are a Dreamweaver user and have a good knowledge of PHP/My SQL then you can go thru the instructions at Leon Kilat at the Cybercafe Experiments.

Please let us know your inputs regarding above updates.

By Sanjeev Mishra

Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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