Sometimes we need to put source code to show the author some example for an issue or may be Author needs to put the source code to explain the solution. In case there is no availability of forum on the blog then the communication takes place thru comments section only. To provide the source code thru comments, the author of the blog may use WordPress plugin named “Source Code in Comments.


Source Code in Comments is a wordpress plugin to show source code on blog in proper style. You can also customize the CSS of the final output from settings page only. Once you will install the plugin on your blog, a message will start appearing at the bottom of the comment form as “Please wrap all source code with [code][/code] tag”. If anyone will provide the source code thru comments, it will appear in different manner than the normal comments, so that one can easily recognize it as a source code.

Here is the screenshot of the settings page and the comment form:

Image Credit: Zenverse

Settings Page of Plugin


Comment Form

screenshot-2 If your blog is not having a forum but you share lot many source codes thru posts then you may go for this plugin which will add value to your blog and provide some help to your readers.

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