Advertisement and promotional activities are source of revenue for a blogger and if you are serious about monetizing your blog, you try lot many options to do that. One of the very interesting and effective way to notifying the visitor about latest buzz or promotional campaign is placing page peel ad on blog’s top corner. Whenever someone hover the mouse near to that corner, a comparatively bigger image will slide and open which may link to the affiliate URL or product’s URL. If you are having a wordpress blog and like to have this kind of ad slot, you can try some of the Peel Page ad plugin to do that on single click.

Peel Page

Peel Page plugin will put a page peel ad on the right-top corner of your blog which will open on mouse hover. You can set the target URL and customize the images on plugin settings panel. Final output will be a flash object created by the images provided by you and the URL set in settings panel of page peel.

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Screenshot of Page Peel


Page Peel BujanQWorks

This is another plugin for the same purpose. Here you can change the background color and other options from the plugin settings panel.

Page Corner

Page Corner is simple plugin for simple output of peel page. Output of Page Corner is based on JQuery rather than Flash. That’s why the effect is not as smooth as the other plugins.

page_corner You may try peel page on your blog, if interested in showing some advertisement or product launch on your site. There are many ways to get peel ads on a blog but these plugins may help you showing these kind of ads in minutes.

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