There are lot many ways to post an article on a WordPress blog, for example you can use desktop clients like Windows Live Writer on Windows or KBlogger on Linux or directly post article thru admin panel (dashboard) of WordPress setup. But if these options are not available to you because of some reasons then you may use your email client like Outlook or Gmail or other webmail to post a new article on your blog. This options is really helpful when you want to update your blog by sitting in your office premises where you can’t access your blog dashboard, WLW or other software.

There are two ways to post article on blog thru email. One is thru manual configuration and the second is of course using Plugin.


Post thru Email (Configuration)

Go to the WordPress Dashboard. Under Settings ==> Writing option, you can see a section as Post via e-mail. Enter an email ID (dedicated to posting articles only), server settings like port number and Mail Server which you can get thru your web server ( in case using an email ID hosted on your server) or you can get the details for Gmail or Yahoo accounts from the settings page of those email IDs. Enter the password of that email account.

Now select the default category from the “Default Mail Category” dropdown. Click on “Save Changes” to save the setting. Done.

Now you can send an email to the email ID specified on the settings ==> writing page. Subject of the Email will be treated as the “Title” of the post and the body part of the email will be the content. As this way you can only post text articles on your blog so write only texts in the mail. Attachments will not be considered for the post content.

After sending the email for a new post, you need to run the following link on browser.

This URL will update your site / blog and the new post will be reflected on that. The new post will be published by the name of “Site Admin”. You can automate the process of updating the site thru Wp-Cron plugin. Get more details about auto update of the site.

Postie Plugin to Post via Email

To make things more easier, you can use Postie plugin thru which you can post a new article by sending an email. Thru Postie, you can post articles wit images, videos as well. Once you will start using Postie, the settings made on Settings ==> Writing will be ignored or overridden. Auto Update of the site is also covered in Postie plugin. If you don’t have permission to run Cron Jobs then you can use Cronless Postie plugin which is included in Postie.

Thru Postie, you can also select a custom Category while sending the email. If you want the author name as your own name then send the email containing the post thru your email ID which is associated with your User ID on WordPress Setup.

Checkout the details about Postie Plugin

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