Why a need of WordPress Database Backup?

1. The data on your blog is all your efforts and it is on a server, a well protected server! But sometimes it may happen that your server has crashed or some code or script has caused your WordPress site blanked or unfortunately your WordPress installation got hacked, oops! This is a very hard situation, but can happen with anyone one of us, and so to get over and make a comeback against such situation , we need our WordPress Blog backup, that would bring back our site live.

2. There are two kind of information format for a wordpress self hosted blog, files like stylesheets, images, self hosted media files and so on and Database. You can copy the files and folders to your local machine to take the backup but the data like posts, categories, content etc are in the Database tables and that also should be taken in the backup.

3. You can take direct backup of the database from the phpmyadmin panel, but while browsing the internet and contributing to the blog and doing lot many interesting things, it is really boring to go to phpmyadmin daily, and take the crucial backup. In fact sometimes, we may also forget. So to avoid all this and the after crash mess, you can use a great WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin for WordPress Database Backup

WP-DB-Backup is a free WordPress plugin which allows you take your WordPress Database Table backup on demand or schedule the backup. Some of the elegant features of this plugin include

1. All the core wordpress tables noted below will always be backed up

wp_comments   (there is an option to exclude spam comments)
wp_posts   (there is an option to exclude post revisions)

2. Some of the WordPress plugins create database tables. In wp-db-backup, there is an option to selectively choose which database tables created by WordPress plugins should be backed up.

3. Backup can be taken instantly or can be scheduled hourly, twice daily, daily or weekly. This scheduling a backup and getting it automatically done is the feature that is an actual relief in using this plugin.


4. You can either take and store the backup on the server, or you can download it to your local machine or computer or you can get the backup emailed to your personal email ID.

I feel getting the database backup mailed daily to my Gmail account with unlimited storage is a very good treat for me as a blogger and now I can take a long and deep breath that everyday I have my blog’s database backup in my mailbox. There are many other plugins to take the database backup, you can go thru their features and select one of them. But the most important thing is ‘it is essential to take the WordPress Database Backup regularly’.

Please post your valuable comments and your inputs regarding the WordPress Database Backup in the comments section of this article.

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