flickr_logo Flickr and Picasa are used widely to upload and maintain a photo album. If you have created a photo stream on any of them and want to share those pictures on your blog or website then try Roytanck’s Widget for the same.

Roytanck’s Flickr widgets looks really stylish because of the movement of pictures from your photo stream. It uses the RSS feed of photo stream so that it can show the latest pictures as well. The final output on your blog will look like as below,

The above shown pictures are from Clickonf5’s Photo Stream on flickr for which we have used the RSS feed of the same over here. You can find the RSS link of your photo stream on the bottom of the same page (Photo Stream Page).

The RSS Feed URL should look something like the URL mentioned here which is the link for Clickonf5’s Flickr Photo Stream RSS Feed,

You only need to copy paste the HTML code generated on Roytanck’s page to show this widget. There you will have to enter the Feed address (Flickr or Picasa), background color,  Size (Width and Height). Try to keep the size of the window less than 350 px otherwise the thumbnails of images will look a bit blurred.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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