NO-SPAM Spammers are a big issue on web and if your blog is hitting really hard on Internet community then you must be receiving lot many spam on your dashboard. Akismat is the best solution for filtering out spam but if you want to protect your blog by bots then add a simple mathematics option in the comment section.

By default, Comment section have four forms tabs named as Name, Email, Website and Comment. Since there is no captcha and any other security check, Bots can easily pass those options and post a comment on your blog. For solving this problem, here is a simple solution for that. Install “Math Comment Spam Protection” plugin on your WordPress blog to protect that with spam.

What is Math Comment Spam Protection ?

This is a very simple plug-in to install and use. Once you will install this plug-in on your blog and make small change in comments.php file of your theme then you will see a new box in comment part of your blog post where the commentator will have to provide the answer for a small mathematic sum. It will look like the image below:


Plugin Page Download

Installation procedure for this plugin is very simple, you need to upload the folder in plugin directory and activate the Plugin from your wordpress admin window. Now make the following changes in your theme’s comments.php file,

Add these codes just after the “Website” box of comment section,

/****** Math Comment Spam Protection Plugin ******/
if ( function_exists(‘math_comment_spam_protection’) ) {
$mcsp_info = math_comment_spam_protection();
?> <p><input type="text" name="mcspvalue" id="mcspvalue" value="" size="22" tabindex="4" />
<label for="mcspvalue"><small>Spam protection: Sum of <?php echo $mcsp_info[‘operand1’] . ‘ + ‘ . $mcsp_info[‘operand2’] . ‘ ?’ ?></small></label>
<input type="hidden" name="mcspinfo" value="<?php echo $mcsp_info[‘result’]; ?>" />
<?php } // if function_exists… ?>[/php]

Now you can see that one more box is appearing on the comment section of each post and the commentator will have to fill correct answer otherwise he can’t post a comment on your blog. This way only human will be allowed to post comments on your blog and you will not have to go thru hundreds of filtered spam to delete or approve them.

By Sanjeev Mishra

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