the URL shortening service launched by StumbleUpon and it is started creating lot many buzz around. We have already covered he most important and some exclusive features of and now we will talk about the WordPress plugin launched with

10 Reasons To Use URL Shortening Service


WordPress is the most admirable and used blogging platform and StumbleUpon knows that. They launched and also created a plugin for wordpress ( WordPress Plugin) before anyone else take advantage of features by creating a plugin. This plugin can be used for following purposes,wattche1

1. Post an article on Twitter and Facebook
2. Create a short URL with your domain name
3. Get huge traffic from StumbleUpon as the shorted URL will be featured there
4. Shorted URL with your domain will be search engine friendly (redirect 301)

Download Plugin

This plugin requires API key of account which can be found by signing in on with StumbleUpon ID and password and go to the settings. Go ahead and enjoy features on your wordpress blog. Now the time has come for integration and here is example for that as where it integrate Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon and a WordPress blog.

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