WordPress 3.0.1 is released and available to upgrade or install. After WordPress 3.0 release, team was working on some minor issues. In WordPress 3.0.1, team has closed around 55 tickets which were of low or normal priority.

In WordPress 3.0.1, they have fixed the problem where logged in users can peek at trashed posts belonging to other authors. They have also fixed some tickets on issues like export problem etc. Here are some important bugs and issues handled in WordPress 3.0.1,

wordpress 3.0.1

Important Fixes in WordPress 3.0.1

1. WordPress 3.0 problem of “Export” is resolved. Some people reported that they are facing issues while exporting the content from one location to other.

2. Undefined function  get_blog_info() was used in class-wp-importer

3. More control on trashed posts by an author

You can upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1 from your dashboard or you can download the latest version and replace files manually on your server thru FTP.

Download WordPress 3.0.1 (zip file)

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