We talked about plugins for WordPress platform all the time on this blog but today we will see the issues related to the WordPress plugin activation and deactivation. This is really important for security as well as smooth operation of your blog.

Solutions for Problems which you may face by using lot many plugins:


1) Activate Plugin After reading some reviews only

There are more than 6000 plugins available on WordPress.org plugin section. Some of them are essential and really great but some of them are deadly for your blog. Go thru the reviews available on different blogs or website and then only go for the plugin. Some of the plugin may destroy the database of your blog so if you are not sure about the plugin and you need that then first of all take backup of your blog’s database so that you can restore after a crash.

WordPress Plugin Portal as Rating system for each plugin, so if you are in hurry then checkout the rating of the plugin and number of reviewers as well.

2) Check WP-Options table regularly

WP-Options is a bulky table of your wordpress blog where all the information and links related to the plugin get stored. Every time you activate and deactivate a plugin on a wordpress blog then it leaves a huge data in WP-Options table. If some unwanted data get stored in that table, you may face a crash for your blog.

We have already discussed the issues related to WP-Options table and WordPress crash.

3) Plugin or Spam

wordpress Once you will check the WP-Options table, you will see that the data is not in a readable format. You can read that data by using wp-options Manager plugin on your blog. There you will see that the huge data stored in the table is having lot many links and images, even plugin authors leave lot many links on the plugin administrative page. So again if you know that the author is reliable and there are lot many talk available about the author or plugin on different blogs then only go for the plugin.

4) Don’t edit the Activated Plugin

As WordPress is an open source platform for blogging, that’s why you have total authority for even editing the plugins. But always deactivate the plugin before making any changes in that. Most of the time you may edit a plugin successfully without deactivating it but it may really create a problem sometimes or may crash your blog for a period of time.

5) Always update the plugin with latest version

Security is a real concern in a WordPress blog that’s why you should always update your blog with the latest version of the WordPress and even update the plugins automatically to the latest version. Option for updating the plugin to the latest version will appear on the Plugin activation page which will update the plugin on a single click. Choose to update the plugin without any issue as it will not change , delete or modify any of your data. You can also check the latest version of the plugin on the WordPress.org Plugin section.

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