Earlier we talked about couple of ways to add/show latest posts from other domain, site, blogs, forum on your own site, but in those options there were some restrictions. So now I will let you know about a WordPress plugin thru which you can add as many sections as you want on your blog to show latest posts from multiple sites (of course you can add posts from major sites like Mashable, Lifehacker etc. as well). You can think about “Alltop” as an example for such sections or recently CNN tech section started showing latest posts from Mashable.

rssimport RSSImport can easily integrate latest posts from other site on your own WordPress blog. As every WordPress blog’s RSS feed can be accessed on the below address (URL):


For example, Internet Techies RSS feed can be accessed at https://www.clickonf5.org/feed

Normally a RSS feed have 5+ latest posts Title, URL, Description etc. You can show the title or with descriptions on your blog to engage your readers or to provide them more options. You can also use this plugin to show-off your work on your other blogs. For example, I want to show latest posts from Internet Techies on my other blog network i.e. Blogern. See the below step by step guide to look at how I added Internet Techies latest post on Blogern.

Install RSSImport

Download RSSImport from WordPress Plugin Repository. You can directly add the plugin on your WordPress blog by using “Add New” button available under Plugin Section of Admin Dashboard.

Direct Link to Download RSSImport 

Add Widget or Template Tag

There is no setting page for RSSImport. Once you will install this plugin, a new widget will appear in Widget Section. You can find Widgets under Appearance ==> Widgets. Drag RSSImport Widget to your Sidebar Column and then enter the Feed URL, Title, Description and customize the feel and look of the list.


There is also a template tag which can be added anywhere on the theme template files like index.php, sidebar.php, single.php etc. The template tag is as below:

You can also add Shortcode tag in posts to show some latest posts from other blog in a single post only. Here is the tag for that,

[RSSImport display="5" feedurl="https://www.clickonf5.org/feed/"]

Options on RSSImport

There are lot many options available in RSSImport for customization. For Widgets, you can see the options after adding the widget. In case you are using template tags, then the options can be added in tag only. See the main page of RSSImport for customizing the tags as per your requirement.

Final Result

As I told earlier that I am going to add latest post from Internet Techies to Blogern (Entertainment Section Sidebar). For that, I added the widget in entertainment section sidebar and here is the screenshot of latest 5 posts from Internet Techies showing on Blogern. You can style the CSS as per your choice as it will take the default CSS of template’s sidebar.


You may use this plugin for different purposes. This plugin is compatible with WordPress as well as WordPress MU.

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Sanjeev Mishra is a professional blogger and an Internet Marketing Consultant based in India. He has built the Internet Techies to provide you updates in technology and web application area.

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