wordpress WordPress users may find the issue of redirect loop on their blog specially when accessing WordPress Admin panel. Yesterday, I found this problem on one of my blog and then tried lot many things to rectify that. Finally got the solution which is very simple but so much relaxing. Here is the problem scenario and the solution,

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Problem Scenario

WordPress Admin Panel is working fine but some of the tabs like Edit post or Posts not allowing the user to go inside and check the posts. Even not allowing the Admin as well to check he post or edit them. Simply throwing the login panel (asking for User ID and Password) and saying incorrect password even for the correct one. Or going in to a redirect loop where wp-login.php is redirecting to wp-edit.php or vice versa.



– Short answer is that wordpress is not the culprit but your browser is. Browsers like Google Chrome stores lot many cookies and based on those cookies, wordpress allows someone to check the edit panel of the admin dashboard. If you are accessing lot many admin panels of different wordpress installations then after certain time period, your browser cookies and wordpress security check may land you in the above mentioned scenario.

Don’t panic, everything is under control. You just need to clear cookies of browser and restart that or may try on other browser on your computer. You will be able to login and edit your posts. If you were using Google Chrome then you may try opening admin panel of your dashboard on Mozilla Firefox or Internet explorer.

If the problem of redirect loop still exists in your wordpress admin, then there may be some misconfiguration in your Wp-Options table or wp-config file. 

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