1242879584_kontactWP-Email is a plug-in for wordpress blog’s to add an email button on a blog. With the use of this plug-in, you can add “Email This” button on your blog to provide a facility to your viewer to send the post to his friends and family.

This kind of recommendation will boost the market value of your blog as well as create a community around the same. If your blog contains some tutorials, in that case it is essential to have “Email This” option on your blog because people always prefer to recommend a tutorial to their friends.

1242879732_wordpressThe plug-in wp-email is very easy to install and use. You just have to activate the plug-in from admin and paste a single line of code in your blog’s theme. You can customize the look and feel of the email window. Whenever someone click on “Email This” button, a new window will open which will have the permalink as “Permalink of the post/email”. Now the viewer will have to fill up the form thru which he can forward the post to unlimited people or you can restrict the number thru the admin panel of this plug-in.

Email Log is available in the admin panel where you can see that how many posts or pages sent by your viewers to their friends and which is the favorite within them.  You can also show-off the “Most Emailed Post” on your blog’s sidebar. This is a simple plugin with lots of feature related to email a post.

>>> Email Logs to provide the statistics about the data related to the use of this plugin on your blog.

wp_email_log >>> Email options to choose from to customize the look and function of the plugin on your blog,


The details about this plugin is available on it’s author Lester Chan’s blog where details about his other plug-in is also available. I hope you liked the details about this plugin, kindly let us know your feedback thru the comments section.

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